Massimo Ripa

Massimo Ripa was born in 1970 in Italy from a family dedicated to rural life and especially the cultivation of ornamental plants. From an early age he showed interest and curiosity for nature and its liveliness and began to make drawings and representations of the surrounding landscape elements. The disposition and passion for art come into play immediately, thanks to the experience and study at the Art Institute Umberto Preziotti in Fermo in the Italian province.   After completing his studies, he has been designer and creator of jewelery since 1988, mainly by the lost wax process. His contemporary style moves between the creativity of design and the simplicity of the lines of the piece of jewelry. His artistic creations are characterized by the search for high-quality original and special materials, especially in the field of hard and precious stones, which are personally selected and used in a variety of colors and shapes

Massimo Ripa’s research has for years pursued a precise idea of a work of art in motion that is no longer confined within a rigid and predetermined space. His illustrated pieces of jewelry are part of the work, but can actually be worn. The ability to move freely in space breaks the traditional ideal of artistic work created solely for visual enjoyment, and you have the opportunity to personally interact with the work itself: removing the distance between the viewer and creation, and that To liberate the object from the environment that surrounds it and finally gives it new life and movement. The ultimate goal is to increase the piece of jewelry when it is not worn, an extremely neglected moment that the artist enhances.


Trade shows:

  • Vicenza, fair of Vicenza gold year 2000
  • Milan Atelier of Corso Venezia (corner of Via della Spiga) year 2001
  • Roma Oro Capital year 2002
  • Roma Oro di Roma
  • Victorian year 2003
  • Roma Oro di Roma Sastel sant Angelo year 2004
  • Singapore Gold of Rome year 2005
  • Livorno Museum of Natural History of the Mediterranean 2010
  • Senigallia Palazzo Baviera exhibition of contemporary jewelery year 2010
  • Organizer and curator of the contemporary jewelery exhibition with recycled materials “Safeguarding the avant-garde” year 2013
  • Spoleto Transmutations of the former mount of pity building 2014
  • Spoleto Transmutations of the former mount of pity building 2014
  • Museum exhibition Palazzo Buonaccorsi Macerata year 2016
  • Show Naturally Hall of the Ori Spoleto anno2016
  • Singapore 2017
  • Mineral Show – Verona – 2018
  • Mineral Show – Bologna – 2018
  • Homi – Milan – 2018
  • Art in the Dunes – Vasto – July / August 2019